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Quick Instructions

“If you truly expect to realize your dreams, abandon the need for blanket approval. If conforming to everyone’s expectations is the number one goal, you have sacrificed your uniqueness, and therefore your excellence.” ― Hope Solo

“Turn I WISH into I WILL!” ~ Everyone Who Ever Won Anything

Getting Started With Your Learn & Burn Program…

This program is part of the comprehensive TQ Smart family of high—performance, low—cost training products. Now that you are a member of this exclusive club, you have access to people, systems, tools and technology to take your success up to the next level, and beyond.

To fast—track your success—track, please follow this short Getting Started outline. It will answer most of your questions before you even know to ask them!

The long and short of TQ is that we are the world’s leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence — the only company with a MEASURABLE, SEQUENTIAL, SYSTEMATIC PROCESS to guarantee that you will achieve ALL your hopes and dreams.

Yes, you can do it the good old fashioned “American Way” and simply jump in somewhere, but if you do, we recommend you BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!

The Recommended Path to FIT SMART FAST*…

Learning While Burning is all about encouragement… lots of information presented in a fun new exercise environment… and that, “Why didn’t I think of THAT before” whack on the side of the head we all need from time to time.

The coaching style is a bit different from what you might expect. It is not a nasty Drill Sargent yelling and screaming at you… it is not your Personal Trainer egging you on… it is not an over-the-top, over-hyped motivational “Tony Robbins” walk on fire cheerleader style.

It is however, an understandable, articulate, voice of success vying for a bit of your attention… instructing you… educating you… giving you something to think about… very much the Considerate Coach who is mentoring you as you pump up your exercise routine.

In designing this fresh, new approach to learning while you are burning, we decided against and overly “pushy” or “confrontational” style used by many to get people’s attention and shove them into action.

Some will love our approach. Some will hate it. All will benefit from it as you step out of your comfort zone.

Remember, life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

7 Simple Steps to Better Fitness and Greater Productivity…

“Pop in ear buds… Press Play… Learn and Burn. It’s as easy as that!”
~ Valerie Waugaman-Gal

  1. Listen to all 10 Color Tracks from 1 to 10 all in a row. Your muscles will love the music and your brain will love the ideas.These tracks are structured where we explain the key Factors of success, and give you 3 big memory hooks to help you learn, remember and master these ideas: Power Up Questions… Integrating Questions… and Insight Questions — questions designed to get you thinking way out side the box… and even further outside your “comfort zone.”
  2. As you listen and learn, be sure to come back here to post your progress, share your Learn & Burn Experiences with others, post a Youtube video, etc. Here you will find blogs, articles, and real world ideas that will help you lead a HEALTHIER life style, while becoming a lot more effective, PRODUCTIVE and successful!
  3. Once you have a fair understanding of what you THINK this revolutionary new program is all about, we will SURPRISE you. What you think you know about your success potential, vs what you actually do each day is the subject of your FIRST TQ TEST.Of course, you may take this Quick Test anytime, then move on to the Gold Standard Test of performance Excellence: Your Actual TQ Test.This test will give you a BASELINE for improvement, and will guide your training progression over time. If you want, you may take your Learn & Burn Quick Test Now…
  4. After you receive your Test Results, you will be given a Color Chart that will show you exactly where you are hot and where you’re not. This will then guide the rest of your Learning and Burning experience.
  5. To put this entire system in perspective, we have given you access to several of our most popular eBooks, including Revelations of The Time Prism, ThinkTQ and Grow Rich, Anatomy of the Achievable Goal, etc. You will find the eBook editions in the TQ Downloads Center…
  6. Be sure to download and read Revelations of The Time Prism by the time you have listened to Color 4: Setting Goals. If you are wanting to achieve far greater success, in far less time, this “primer” will put all of this exciting new program into clear perspective.
  7. And last, but not least, be sure to listen to both the Secrets of The Time Prism and Achieving Success On Purpose audio tracks. Do not listen to these while exercising, as they are full TQ training sessions designed to get you to better understand the connection between your purpose in life, your performance and how your 10 Colors are currently driving your successes and failures.

Engage The Time Prism…

You will want to download and print this important form before getting started. It is a road map to your future success. As you are listening to The Secrets of The Time Prism audio, you will be asked to take the broad view of your success potential.

This is the low—tech approach to constantly staying committed to your dreams and connected to your performance. On side 1, you have all your Someday Dreams written out and in front of you… on side 2 you have a snapshot of your current power to achieve the Results you desire.

This form is NOT a replacement for taking your Actual TQ Test, but is a form you can carry with you, take out often, and see how much progress you are actually making on improving each of your 10 Colors.

Why not start each morning with a fresh new look at the Factors driving your success. Choose a Color to review, then Learn and Burn!

As you will soon discover, it is the intensity of each of the 10 Colors of Prismatic Performance that determines if you will live your DREAMS and achieve all your GOALS… or NOT.

Simply Right Click and SAVE the linked files to your
computer and open from there.


FYI: This is one of our most popular training resources. We will be happy to send you a package of 3 of these beautifully printed 6 x 18 inch fold outs to insert into your Day Planner for FREE. Our standard processing, handling and shipping charges do apply. Click Here to Request Copies Now…

About the Format of Your Learn & Burn Sessions…

The first 5 minutes of each Workout Session is a general overview of the importance and impact of a specific Color to your overall success. This is followed by a list of 10 different actions (we call Factors of Success) you can take to improve this one area of your performance. Then, there is a rapid fire list of questions and short bursts of advice — all purposely designed to implant and integrate these powerful ideas into your life.

The process of improving time management and personal skills is the same as improving physical fitness. Every time you exercise, you get a little more fit. However, you only gain strength and endurance by repeating the same exercise over and over again. The same is true with taking new ideas and growing positive habits. They must be remembered and then practiced, time after time, before they become truly mastered.

All 10 Workout Sessions have been purposely recorded with up-beat, high intensity music in the forefront and the words of advice in the background so that you can enjoy listening to them over and over again. As you exercise, your daily performance will improve as a result of the success ideas you hear regardless if it occurs consciously, subconsciously or even unconsciously!

Any one idea might stand out for you as the one that will transform your life. It is equally probable that the total immersion in the conversation about one Color throughout an entire workout will cause you to take much more positive actions at random related moments later in your day.

Each time you pick up the pace and hear one of these great ideas you will nurture and strengthen both your body and mind. Your energy level will increase and you will start to put more of these highly productive ideas to work as you gain the physical strength and the “working smarts” to achieve greater success in your life.

Scientific Principle #1: Spaced Repetition cures the 90% Memory Deficit Disorder.

Because out-of-sight is out-of-mind, “forgetting to remember” is a huge drain on your performance. Every TQ product is designed to help you effectively learn, remember and master the skills necessary to produce outstanding results.

Our emphasis is on helping you remember to take smarter actions, a great deal more frequently.

Cure the 90% Memory Deficit and your performance will soar. Through Learn and Burn Spaced Repetition, instant testing and access to our full library of Ideas for Action — we never let you FORGET that your performance matters — or how to improve it.

Your Forgetting Curve is a big cause of failure!

Psychologists have been interested in learning and forgetting since the early days of the discipline. The researcher who pioneered the field, Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850-1909), created a way to assess “pure” learning — that is, learning free of meaning — and the rate at which people forget.

He found the rate to be highly predictable, and completely dependent upon repetition and reinforcement. Psychologists now call this the “forgetting” curve, and developed “spaced repetition” learning techniques to combat it. To this day, Ebbinghaus’ work has stood the test of time.

Ebbinghaus discovered that when we acquire a new idea, much of our forgetting occurs right away. A SIGNIFICANT amount of information is forgotten within twenty minutes of learning it; OVER HALF OF THE MATERIAL LEARNED IS FORGOTTEN WITHIN AN HOUR. Although we forget almost two thirds of what we learn within a day, retention does not decline much beyond that point.

In other words, if information is retained for a day, the knowledge is there to stay.

Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve is important for two reasons:

  • The blue curve (top) shows that after JUST ONE REVIEW, you can expect to recall about two thirds of new information for several weeks — even more if it is “meaningful” and related to what you are doing. With multiple reviews, recall is permanent.
  • The red curve shows how much you can expect to FORGET without review. Numerous experiments and studies have shown that, typically, YOU WILL FORGET ABOUT 80% OF NEW MATERIAL IN 2 WEEKS — if you do not review or incorporate those ideas into your daily activities.

    Be SMART — incorporate what you learn into your daily actions… and you will THRIVE!

The Message is Simple. Reinforce to Remember.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Harvard MBA or a degree from the school of Hard Knocks — continuing education is not optional. It’s a REQUIREMENT for success in this results-driven economy.

Learn and Burn Success Essentials makes this SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE.

Power up your ear buds… and let the Voice of Success between your ears do his work!

Scientific Principle #2: More Oxygen = Better Learning…

How does Learn & Burn: Success Essentials really work?

In a way, Learning and Burning is a “do it TO you” product!

You listen… you learn… WHILE you burn — getting FIT SMART FAST.

The truth is, your brain makes up only 2 1/2% of your body mass BUT consumes over 25% of the Oxygen you breathe!

It is a proven scientific fact that when you are exercising, you are flooding your brain with more Oxygen… which causes you to learn more faster and retain information longer.

With more O2 to the brain, you are actually improving information flow and retention. We could give you a long winded explanation about synapse formation, and how regular physical activity helps improve oxygenation of the brain, which is vital for synaptic formation and growth — but, thankfully, we won’t!

So, here’s the short and sweet version: Turn Exercise Time into
Personal Transformation…


Your Brain…

Your Brain While Learning and Burning!

Fit ~ Smart ~ Fast!

* WARNING: Before engaging in any exercise regimen it is imperative to consult a physician to obtain a physical exam and receive a physicians approval to engage in strenuous physical activity.