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One of my dreams, now realized!

Home Learn & Burn Community Forums General Discussion One of my dreams, now realized!

This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by  Eric Haas 8 years, 4 months ago.

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    Eric Haas

    In early 1994, my partners and I started a company that would become the world leader in virtual training products for personal and professional excellence — Nine to Five ScreenGems… which became ThinkTQ.com.

    Our mission was simple: Develop high-value, low-cost products to help people systematically become a great deal SMARTER about WHO they are… WHAT they do… and HOW they do things.

    Today we launch a simple but highly effective program that connects SWEAT with SUCCESS — helping people become a great deal healthier and a whole lot more productive.

    Amazing what a small team of zealots can do!

    Reminds me of Steve Jobs’ most notable quote, “The only people who change the world are those crazy enough to think they can!” RIP Steve.

    For all others reading this, here’s your challenge: Let’s change the world — together — creating a blessing for all and a resource to help people become all they are meant to be.

    E. R. Haas, CEO





    You are so right; it is amazing what you have built in the ThinkTQ system. I have the entire ThinkTQ system, but have not taken it as seriously as I should. Although I know I am very intelligent (on paper), I’ve never been able to pull it all together. (I am a faculty member of a university, teaching entrepreneurship and innovation courses in their College of Business.) I’ve always thought there was time to get it together…later.

    I have recently been forced to reevaluate everything. A terminal illness has reared its ugly head and instead of the 30 or more years I thought I had (I am 54), I now have less than 3-1/2. My list of goals is long and there are not many I am willing to give up on. However, my overarching goals are these:

    1. Become the person I know I am capable of becoming. I desperately want to leave my family in a much better financial position than they are in today.

    2. Mentor my son (age 30) so that he can continue what I begin, provide well for his family (wife and son), and be a much wiser person than I have been.

    I just received The Learn & Burn Connection today and will be listening to it this evening. I am praying that this can be the impetus to the massive action I need in order to fulfill my goals within a drastically shortened timeline.

    Thank you for all you have done to make these wonderful materials available. If you pray this evening, I would be especially appreciative if you would include my simple request that your tools work through my life so that I leave this world better off for having been here.

    With appreciation,



    Eric Haas

    Lesley —

    I truly appreciate your comments.

    Do walk, workout and listen to the wonderful prompts by Master Coach Maikel Bailey — the voice of success on the Learn & Burn tracks. They should inspire you to break free of your comfort zone and push yourself a bit harder each day.

    Our promise at TQ is to help people make the REST of their lives the BEST of their lives.

    The best. Not muddle through until you get it figured out.

    The best. Not where wishes rule and results are pitiful.

    The best. Where we transform all those “I Wishes” into “I Will’s!”

    We all have been given a death sentence.

    No one knows how much time they have left, so making each moment absolutely PRECIOUS — filled with PASSION AND PURPOSE — is the key from here and now out to there and then… then beyond.

    As you say, “you want to leave the world better off for having being here.”

    Our tools will help you in ways you cannot yet imagine.

    They have been the answer to many prayers.

    They take work, dedication and a bit of stretching your reach by extending your grasp.

    Be sure to download our oldest/newest book, Revelations of The Time Prism: Full Spectrum Time Management.

    The team updated it before Christmas, and it made me realize how beautiful life is… how beautiful we can make it… and how important the effective utilization of our most precious resource actually is.

    All of us, you, me, and every person on the planet has only been given 1,000 Prime Minutes from which we must realize ALL our Someday Dreams.

    Discover your Purpose.

    Live your Purpose by Performing on Purpose.

    It is the secret to success — and leaving the legacy you will certainly achieve.

    No question, this is a life and death issue… for all of us. None of us are getting out of this world alive. We have no alternative but to live what’s MOST IMPORTANT — every single minute of every single day we are alive.

    My thoughts are with you. And more importantly, my prayers that you live long and realize the beauty of your dreams.

    Thank You and Happy New Year!


    ps — Do share your dreams and thoughts with us — as well as your disappointments and hurts. We built TQ because we care. Let us know how you are doing, and reach out to support others in their quest for a life that matters.

    I have found, from personal experience, that I grow stronger each time I help someone else. As Leonard Nimoy so wonderfully expressed it, “The Miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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