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Category: Featured

Career Reality: 2015

“The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career!” ~ Earl Nightingale You are the CEO of your own career… You […]

Expanding Your Vision…

Do You Have 20:20 Vision?

When you dial up the Mission, Goals, Plans and Prioritize Colors on your Learn & Burn: Success Essentials you are confronted with the need for crystal-clear vision.

Vision of the future you want to create.

A Different Take on The Future…

Over the years, we have found that there are two distinct kinds of people: 1. People who take hold, extend their reach… and grab on to the future with both hands — like it is the ride of their life. 2. People who are quite afraid of the future and just hope they can make it through the trials and tribulations to the end.

The Shadow of Fear

Living in the shadow of your fears robs you of your future… reduces your true potential… and causes you to live in the shadow of regrets and recrimination. The good news is, fear is both natural and controllable.

The Hyper-Competitive Economy

All you have to do is look around for 10 seconds to see that the world has become an increasingly hyper-competitive environment. Everybody is looking for an edge in the quest to get ahead.

Many people think that the only competition worth recognizing is the competition that comes from within. We must compete against ourselves and raise the bar on our personal best — making today better than yesterday… and tomorrow better than today!

Do You Have The Guts…

So often when we look at our lives, we filter it through the lens of someone else’s life.

When we look, we can’t really see below the surface, since we don’t have X-Ray Vision. So what we see is their shape… their smiles… their homes… their cars… their toys… and infer some degree of happiness on them. They LOOK happy, so they must BE happy.

Time. Money. Love.

So often we try to do things in fits and starts.

We declare a Goal without ever giving ANY thought to how much time, money, passion, love, purpose, direction, emotional commitment, relationship commitments — and how all these variables will fit together to achieve the desired results:

When You Change The Way You Look…

Some people see life as a glass half full… a glass half empty… or a glass that has been shattered by living with failed hopes and dreams… for far too long. At virtually every level, VISION requires you to actually SEE. Otherwise, regardless of what you say, you are simply BLIND to the world around you.

Breathing Life into Your Someday Dreams

From the time I can remember, maybe around 4-5, my life revolved around making dreams come true.

My dad and I read the Tom Swift and Horatio Alger books together. Hard work resulting in wealth — well beyond the dreams of a little boy living on the east side of Fremont Ohio — was the message.

Going on grand adventures, in far off lands was the hope envisioned.

I have always felt emotionally connected to the future. To all those Someday’s yet to be lived.

Do You Have The Desire?

So often we think about success in the abstract.

Winning and losing. Making more money. Career advancement.

What we need to remember is that it is our inner-desire to reach our full potential that drives enduring success.

If you are completely happy with the way things are, you will never change. No need. If you are perfectly content with who you are… what you do… and how you do it, great! You have no desire to grow any further.

However, if you recognize that you are a work in progress and that you have the potential for serious improvement, each and every day, you have the right spirit for fast-tracking your success track.

Become Your Office MVP

So often we take our circumstances for granted. We are here and now… what more is there?

We find ourselves stuck — or worse, running in place — and wonder why we are not making better time!

We look up and BAM, 5-10 years have blown by with no real progress towards our career or financial goals.

There is a simple solution. Strive to become the MVP within your company each month.

The Question is the Answer…

Point of view is worth 80 IQ points…

How you see the problem will determine how you solve the problem.

If you don’t realize you have a problem in the first place, you are pretty much screwed. No reason to solve problems that don’t exist.

As you listen to the Voice of Success in your head, you will gain something totally unexpected: Awareness.

New & Improved… Daily

Today you will quiet all the noise in your head.

Today you will transform all those fears — your fear of failure… fear of the future… fear of success… fear of loss… fear that you are not good enough, smart enough or tough enough — into powerful motivators that will propel you to success.

Today we find a New & Improved YOU!

Making Time For Exercise

As a certified personal trainer and editor of a popular fitness site, FitnessGear101.com, I’ve heard every excuse in the book when it comes to why people dont exercise. However, the one that takes the, pardon-my-pun, fitness cake is lack of time. A day doesnt go by without one of my clients professing that they simply […]